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Earth Tribe PAN
Kit Name:

8 moons

Gender fluid she/him/they

Tribe:Earth Tribe

 Scholars app

Skill 1,2,

*Apprentice/Mentor: needs one 


Family: mother 

Athena rouge| tattoo less


rouge tattoo less


Grandmother exile | No tatto



This dude is very smart. Pan may seem scattered brain at first but give it time and you will see that they are very sharp. They are knowledge in very select things into what there interests are. Like how the forest is our how there clan mates are. There the ones to come up with games for the kits or to figure out ways to make sure the earth is well taken care of. Not only that, but Pan is someone who makes sure other can ask him about advice about the earthy Terran, being very happy in what he knows. He wants his tribe mates to know that they can always come to him for advice. 

Charismatic:: they have charm to spare, they always seem so ingraining, it feels like a spell as been place over them when Pan starts talking. Either about how wried there ideas might be, or maybe becouse they try to be well like. Tribemates are always in charmed to here what they are going to do next. His charismatic nature may be the fact that he likes to think of themselves as some sort of handsome or beautiful fellow, adorning flower crowns and other lovely items to play to his handsome self. This could also led to being quit vain as well. 

Engertic:: always on the move, pan doesn't like to sit down in one spot for too long. They are always doing something. Running around in the forest, talking to plants, talking to clan mates, making something. Pan needs to do something to make them happy, and he is always happy doing something. He is the kind of cat to wake up early times in the morning before his other tribe mates and going to bed very late at night because of his energy. This powerful energy that he posses can annoy some of the much older cats and elders. 
Intensive :: pan has a hard time understanding people emotions. Most of the time he won't even asks what is wrong when someone is clearly in pain. Just asks if they want to stop that cause there getting in the way of something. It's not like they don't care, it's just they don't understand why they are having that kind of emotion. Why can't they be happy? Or do something productive?  He sees emotions as a waste of his time, mostly, he knows there impotent and he should understand them. But, there isn't any time for silly things like that, he is considered about ideals and how to understand nature then cats. 

Can find it very hard to focus:: pan is a not one to focus on something, they are always on the next thought and only that next thought. Pan cannot slow down for a second and when it comes time to focus he doesn't do well. Leading to a stigma of him being lazy, seeing that he is always leaving projects cause they can't focused on it. That isn't true though, quite the oppiste. Pan isn't lazy but can be cought up into one idea at once, this is one part of him wanting to know everything he can and one part of his energy. Which leads to times of him loosing control almost in his own ideas causing him to slow down and not do much for days on end.  
can be rude: Some tribemates will call Pan very rude, and unreliable. He may have a lot of talent and spark and charismatic way of life. He doesn't really cra ror most people even though he likes them alot he just doesn't like the ins and outs of what it means to be friends. He really just wants linsterns more then friends, people to listen to his ideas and not do anything else but that. He sees a lot of time his own tribemates as walking ears at times. 

**History: Both parents were both rouges and only knew of the life of rouges, at his birth, they gave him the name bud. There rose bud. The blooming rose that had come out a pretty harsh winter. After that, they began to raise little bud. He learned how to hunt and how to fight. And slowly, he began to like nature.. love it even.. and stop loosing the hunting and fighting for followers and knowledge A about the world around him.

His parents though, wasn't pleased. They would say to bud that he couldn't think or be one with nature. He needed to survive, that one day he would be on his own and his parents wouldn't care for him. Bud was upset by this and didn't talk to his parents for weeks only to eat and then run away into the woods. It would be nature of him to stumble upon the earth tribe. It felt like a call, a call to finally be one with nature. He begged the leader to take him in as a apprentice and the leader agreeeded.  

It was then bud got his true name of Pan. And was appointed as a scholar apprentice, FINALLY he could understand nature and become one with it. 

*Relationships: n/a

Roleplay Example:
Her ears perked up at the leaders words. "Another cat said the same thing? That they were attacked at sunningrocks.." that was very very off. "Do you think, Foreststar that one of the other clans wants us to go to war over the rocks? It would make sense. Make both of our clans weak then one of the other clans can just come in and take many lives." She said. Looking at her clanmates. "Were going to leave after we mark the boulder, were going to um.." she gulped stopping for a second. What was she doing?? She wasn't the deputy or leader or anything. She was a senoir warrior though, and someone needed to take some action. "Talk about this as a clan." She said looking at Foreststar and dipping her head. "May I ask what the cat looked like before we leave?"

■ Name: Nina 
■ Class: Rouge/ Mercenary 
■ Race: Selkie
■ Favorite Food: Fish
■ Items: Her pistol and her white hoodie 
■ Personality: 
-strong headed
-loud mouth
-strong willed
- tolerable  
■ Stats: You may start with 15 stat points.

     TOUGHNESS: 4 

■ Background: TBA
■ RP method: Discord and Skype
■ Shipping?: YES
Name : Grace Convert

Gender : Female

Age : 14

Location : Sioux Falls, North Dakota

Birthday : 5/15

Height : 4’12

Weight : 160

Species : Humen

Year: 1







+Her God
+Her family
+The Church
+Classical Music
+Socal Media


-Anything The Bible says it’s wrong
-Supernatural Shows
-No free refills
-clothing that won't fit her
-no wifi
-rock music
-homeless people
-stupid people
-people who don’t take life seriously


Was born to a happy home of a Mom, Dad, and herself. That’s it, an only child, her Father and Mother both worked for the local church, the largest in the county. a classical baptismal church. Her father was lead pasted there, and her mother worked part time helping with records and other things here and there. When she was born her parents expected a lot out of her, expecting her to be this perfect child of God, and for a while it wasn't like that. She was loud, reckless wanted to explore the forest behind them and to be a kid. It wasn't until middle school when that changed. Her parents forced her, and it was forced. To go to a private all Christian middle school. It was a nun church, uniforms, no personality, it was about grades and family and God. Grace was know a reform Grace, a shame to her former self. Who loves life, know all grace wanted was to impress her God and parents.

Her parents were impressed so much they sent her to a private school which they thought would be a great her and God time, but that changed when she got there.

-Is straight
-wants to do something with nature
-loves science
-Has PDSD from the school she went to before hand

Roleplay Info
All discord and is ok with Skype! Message me on those two or note me to rp

Name: Gwenadill (Gwen-a-dill) Dallson (dall-son)
Age: 14
Pokemon: Fennekin
Ability: Blaze


Fire Spin


Flame Charge

T.O.R: Xeluses
History: Outside of the far reaches of Xeluses, lived a simple modest family: a mother and father, three sons, and the youngest child, Gwenadill. The family lived off on a tiny remote farm, close enough to get what they need from town, but far enough away to not be bothered by the weird people in town. The family’s father, Mark, was a simple man; he would go out into the woods every day, hunt and get firewood for the family. The mother was just as simple as the father, was married at 15 and had a kid at 16. Just like old rules said. She cleaned, cooked, and took care of Gwenadill. The sons though, were different. They were tricksters at heart, all of them much older then Gwenadill, and showed her how to act like one of the boys. They showed her magic tricks here and there, which was always considered a man’s job - to do magic.

One by one, once they had gotten their fusions, they were seen as real men, and were expected to leave the family. Each one of them had a bound with a strong pokemon: the oldest had a dragonite; the youngest, a houndoom; and the last son, a venusaur. They all left home, leaving the daughter behind.

Because of the way her brothers has shown her the world, she become less of girl and more of a boy. She would eat like a slob and kick her feet up, she would scream and yell and touch mud. A wild child of sorts.

This began a cycle of her parents trying to get her into a certain stereotype of what a women was. This got to her so much that she ran into the forest, staying out there for weeks, learning how to take care of herself and learning more and more magic tricks.
One day she stumbled upon a lost and abandon fennekin. No home or human. She carefully took care of the small fennekin, calling her Prrya and giving her food and love.

A wild child


+the forest
+being alone
-large groups
-loud noises
-people telling her what to do
-sitting still for too long



Minenintedolp's Profile Picture
United States
Hey, guys it is Minenintedolp here! Welcome to my page! I love warrior cats and my favorite cat is maybe Hollyleaf or Dovewing! I am also a pegauster so I love my little pony! I am also getting into Doctor who. I role play on warrior cats RPG and I love the runaway guys! (Go cuggaacony!) I also play Minecaft! I am a nerd as well and love the huger games. I am a gamer as well and is hopeing to become a lets player one day!


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