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otherworlde app-inboon

"If I don't work hard, my abilities won't come back. So... Leave. Me. Alone."

Basic Information

Name: Inboon pronounced IN -boon

Age: Ancient looks around the age of 16

Height: 5'11

Species: fallen Magi

Species Description: A Magi who in myth lost most or all of there powers.


* Basic shape shifting- He can turn into his patron animal, the cow, which is very sacred on the island.

* Minor water based abilities. Moving it around, making ripples, lifting it into the air.

Academic Information

Level: Beginner


* ELM 103

* SHD 104

Passed Courses:


Personal Information


* Sweets

* Dawn

* Color


* Meara

* Technology

* People of authority.


* Book smart

* Loyal to those who manage to befriend him

* Determined


 • technology  Seeing he is from an undeveloped part of the world and they have no idea what fancy gadgets and gizmos, there deities don't know either and don't really care

* Doesn't make friends well or easily, because of his judging and anti social nature

* Workaholic, he works all day and doesn't know when to take a break.


* Become a powerful magi once more

* Regain most of his element abilities


* Fear of not being able to reach his goals

* Revange on the gods.


 * Intelligent

* Cold

* Anti-social

* Hard worker

* Book worm

* Has quite the Temper

* Has doubt issues

* Can be quite depressed

He has a small motto, don't bother him ever if you don't want to be drenched head to toe in water. He works night and day, making himself the best student in class. He may be a star student, hard working wanting to take control of his future. But that comes from a dark place in his life and those memories can bring him into a whirling state of depression for a long time, full of self doubt and questioning himself.


He doesn't know much about who raised him, where they are now, or much of anything fron his childhood. He only knows that he was gifted with abblites over the elements, something that most magis do not have. And the deties in the area took notice quickly when everything seemed out of placed. They came down to chat with Inboon, The king of them tried to be calm about this situation but his brother was not and crused him to loose all of his abilted and gave him a new one, if he wanted to be powerful let him. Before they sent Inboom down into the depths they gave him a simple shape shifting ability and threw him down, this is where he ended up, in the academy wanting revange.

Roleplaying Preferences

* Where do you like to roleplay? Wherever the other person is fine with, i personally love Skype more

* Preferences



Script Sample

Inboom: *He was not too happy at how his first day came out,  he had almost blown a fuse in elements class because it was too slow for his liking. How long would it take for him to get his powers back??? At this snail's pace it might as well be for an eternity.*

Lit Sample

He brushed his fingers across his hair, looking more and more peeved off at the chattering students at lunch, you could see the vines on his head being to almost burst out how mad he was. God was he the only smart one here?? He huffed and slammed his tray down onto the floor, food flying everywhere and getting it on creatures. He didn't even look before he stormed off in anger.

Name: Eliza Williams
Age: 17
Sex/Gender: Cis female
Height: 5'4
Sexuality: Pansexual 



 Eliza is a loyal as a lion, to who she calls her friends and teammates.


 She has to! She is a pop star! She has to pump up the coward and to get them ready for her next song!


She is one to make others laugh, even if they are a bit harsh. She always wants people to see her as someone who can give them a good time by her jokes


Fame had gotten to her head fast, and if she doesn't know you well she will act like you are a child and talk below you, cause she bealive she is higher then the people she talks to

  Full of herself

She loves herself too much, there is being self love and then there is Eliza who spends hours before a show making sure she doesn't have one flaw in her.


Wants to do everything perfect 100% of the time and if someone messes up they will hear some lip from her.

  Her music

She loves her music! Her music is the best thing that has happened in this generation! Without it what would this generation be? Lost?


By her looks you would assume she doesn't know what a anime is, but she does, she is a huge nerd and loves herself a good anime!  

  Comic books or books

She loves to sit down with a good webcomic, comic book, or books really after a long day! She may not look like it but, she had sigh books by some of her favorite writers.

  People who hate her music

She doesn't understand how people can hate her music? Her Music is the best hands down!

  People who disagree with her views

She can't believe some people have different views then her!! She knows best about a lot of things. And it's just shitty when others have another view.  

  Spicy foods

If you even put a bit of spice to her food, it's your end

  Education: Bellingham

History: Eliza had a slow start in life, she was born the last child in a long line of kids her father and mother had. Her farther worked for the govement and was very very rich. But he had this idea of his kids make there own money before love will be given to them. All of the older siblings who made money got all the love and wealth from daddy.

Fishing trip, weekend getaways, and more. All her life Eliza wanted to do this, she wanted to make her farther smile. Wanted her father to do the same for her, but being the baby it would be tough. She got into plays and musicals at a young age, loving the stage and the act of performing. With this came her passion of singing.

While in her second year she went to a top art school for the arts for the summer down in New York. Were she learn to love jazz tunes and pop culture. But the school didn't like this when she came in for the last show and sang a rock song. When she got home her mom was upset.

Pop music and that kind of music wouldn't make her money doing it, didn't she want her farthers love? But know? Thanks to her fluffy friend. She can finally  get the love and dream she wanted  

Other: You can Always see her dressing up in her best outfits. She finally deserved them from it so she shows off her status. With rich and costly items 

“One wish huh? That's it and I can't wish for one million more? Ok! I wish for what I also wanted to be a star! Someone to notice me and bring me into the big and small tv with my music!"

Side Effect: A talent manger picked her up the next day, and set up shop in her home town. And by the next week everyone knew her name. Or her stage name. 

Weapon(s): A golden bracelet  

Soul Gem: her soul gem is a light reddish pink. In her mundane form it's a earring that she wears. In her magi form, it's still there. 

Main Class: attacker
Level: 1


Health - 0/10
You kidding me? She doesn't have any kind of hit points on her, her outfit is a dress! 

Attack - 4/10

The best way to fight? Just do it! None of this other crap

Defense - 0/10

Yeah no, her defense is crap all when she is out there fighting 

Magic - 2/10

Has a understanding of magic but isn't the best around

Special - 3/10

She has been special her hole life know with the wish it has doubled it

Agility - 1/10

 I mean she isn't the quickest, but she does have some speed.


Basic Attack - a basic magical attack from her bracelet, which shoots out bullet like objects

Basic Special  - gives her the ability to give a nice punch with her magic giving her a boost of one 1+ A to her, only last the battle. 

EXP: 0


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United States
Hey, guys it is Minenintedolp here! Welcome to my page! I love warrior cats and my favorite cat is maybe Hollyleaf or Dovewing! I am also a pegauster so I love my little pony! I am also getting into Doctor who. I role play on warrior cats RPG and I love the runaway guys! (Go cuggaacony!) I also play Minecaft! I am a nerd as well and love the huger games. I am a gamer as well and is hopeing to become a lets player one day!


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